Scholarship Program...

Niobrara Electric is proud to team up with Wyoming Rural Electric Association, Basin Electric, and Tri-State G&T to support the youth in our membership by offering a scholarship program.  Awards are granted to graduating high school seniors, college students, and non-traditional students.  Not only are applications available here, they can also be found at the Niobrara County and Sioux County High Schools.  Applications will become available on January 1, 2017 and are due no later than February 24, 2017.  If you have any further questions about the scholarship program or need help filling out an application please call NEA and speak with, Twyla. 

2017 Scholarships are now available!!! Click on the links below to view/print an application! ONLY Wyoming high school students need to fill out the Basin Electric scholarship form.  ONLY Nebraska high school students and ALL college students need to fill out the NEA scholarship form.  The non-traditional scholarship is for those of you going back to school (adults, etc.)  The Adkins and Hackworth Scholarships are due May 1, 2017!!  If you have questions please contact, Twyla at 334-3221. 

2017 Scholarship Winners...

Rachel Ellis: $500 NEA At-Large 

Claire Buhr: $500 NEA At-Large

George (Monty) Adams: $500 NEA Non-traditional

Samantha Starkey: $500 Wyoming Jerry Scott

Cindy Mansfield: $500 NEA At-Large

Abigail Meidell: $500.00 NEA At-Large

Trey Thayer: $500 NEA At-Large

Taylor Rempp: $1,000 Nebraska College

Lexie Dockery: $1000.00 Wyoming College

Jebb Ginkens: $500 NEA At-Large 

Monte Wade: $1,000 Wyoming High School

Devyn Sanderson: $1,000 Nebraska High School                    

Joel Parker: $500 Nebraska Jerry Scott

John Murphy: $500.00 NEA At-Large

Garett Dixon: $500.00 NEA At-Large

Remington Southwick: $500.00 At-Large


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