Trees and Power Lines

Trees and Power Lines

Niobrara Electric would like to thank our members who have allowed us to cut trees that have grown into our lines or are at a risk of growing into our lines.  NEA is committed to providing safe and reliable power and by cutting trees we are able to remove hazards and outage problems.  Trees have been known to fall into lines and not only create outages or voltage problems, but also cause fires.


NEA would like to remind our members that planting trees under or near overhead power lines is highly unrecommended.  NEA must maintain proper line clearance distance between our lines and trees.  The costs associated with tree removal or trimming could be charged to the property owner. 

Keep in mind, when planting trees, there could be underground power lines present.  Before you begin planting trees please make sure you are aware of the location of any underground utilities.  To be certain you do not dig into any underground utilities, risking injury or costly service interruption, please call 811 for a locate.

If you see any trees growing under or near a power line and you feel they are a hazard please call NEA at 307-334-3221 or 800-322-0544 and we will schedule a time for the linemen to trim the trees.

This past Spring/Summer NEA hired Patrone's Landscaping to trim trees in some problem areas in the Nebraska portion of our service territory.  It was a great help and many hazards were removed. 

Glen and Joan Patrone of Patrone's Landscaping


Patrone's Landscaping hard at work trimming/removing trees.