The nominating committee appointed for the purpose of nominating Directors for Niobrara Electric Association, Inc. for three year terms, met at the office of the Association on February 15, 2017 at 5:30 p.m., pursuant to Notice.


The members of the Committee were as follows:


District No. 1 – Ken Dixon, Denzel Coffey, Lee Lamb & Brad Reese (alt.)

District No. 2 – Cheryl Lund, Stan Rennard, Dan Hanson & Rod Nelson (alt.)

District No. 3 – Jon Woodrum, Rodney Gray, Donald Mack & Jack Buhr (alt.)


The following members of the Nominating Committee were present:



Ken Dixon                                          Rod Nelson                                                       Donald Mack        


Denzel Coffey                                    Dan Hanson                                     


Richard Ladwig                                  Cheryl Lund _____________                                ____________


The Nominating Committee selected   Richard Ladwig    as Chairman, who presided at the meeting.


Motion was made by Denzel Coffey that the following named Members:

 District 1                                             District 2                                                           District 3


John Hester                                         Joel D Wasserburger                                       Bill Wilson                             




be placed in nomination for Directors of Niobrara Electric Association to serve three (3) year terms, seconded by Dan Hanson, and carried.


The meeting was adjourned.


/s/ Richard Ladwig


Chairman, Nominating Committee

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Niobrara Electric is a nonprofit, rural electric cooperative, which has been in business since 1941. NEA serves the beautiful ranch and farm country of Niobrara County, parts of Weston, Goshen, Platte and Converse Counties in eastern Wyoming; Sioux County and part of Dawes County in western Nebraska; and part of Fall River County in South Dakota. Niobrara Electric's headquarters is located two miles west of the town of Lusk, Wyoming.


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